Version 0.0.1


Checkout theΒ Zendesk API docs for more information

Set up

To set up with Zendesk, you just need your Zendesk Username, Password and Domain.

Your domain is your URL when you are accessing your Zendesk account e.g. https://<company_name>.zendesk.com.

For Zendesk - do not include the https:// or .zendesk.com
For Zendesk (Legacy) - please include https:// and .zendesk.com within the domain.

Alternatively, setup can also be done using a token (this is also our suggested method for set-up) by following these steps:

In the username field enter:


e.g. [email protected]/token

In the password field enter:


e.g. 7893u5gfd5g93tj349tu3489tuhu34ihtu3gt34

See how to get a Zendesk token here.


It is recommended you use the Zendesk token as these do not expire but depending on your security level within Zendesk, your password will expire.


Backfillβœ…Tickets, Users, Organisations, Ticket Metric Events (10 years). Ticket Fields, Groups (All time). Calls, Call Legs (5 years).
Incrementalβœ…Tickets, Users, Organisations, Groups, Ticket Events, Ticket Metric Events, Calls
Custom backfill❌
API reliability🟒Reliable

Reports detail

⬇️ ReportπŸ”‘ Incremental keyπŸ”‘ Primary keyπŸ“„ Link to API endpoint
TicketsGENERATED_TIMESTAMPidList all Tickets
Usersupdated_atidList all Users
Organisationsupdated_atidList all Organisations
GroupsN/AidList all Groups
Group MembershipsN/AidList all Group Memberships
Ticket FieldsNoneidList all Ticket Fields
Ticket Field Option (legacy only)NoneidList all Ticket Field Options
Ticket MetricNoneidTicket Metrics
Ticket Metric EventsTIMEidTicket Metric Events
Call LegsUPDATED_ATidCall Legs


We recently migrated from our Zendesk (Legacy) connector. All of the reports from the legacy are available on the new connecter other than Ticket Field Options as the Ticket Field Options are all returned with the Ticket Fields endpoint.



Our suggestion is to use the token option for authenticating, as this is less prone to issues.