Version 0.0.2


Check out the docs (Explore API ( for more information

Set up

Accessing the Talkdesk APIs

  • If you are a current customer with a plan, email [email protected] to ask for the API access and your account information. Please note that each partner app has access to a set of APIs (the requested ones) and there can be no exceptions (adding or removing scopes) per customer request.
  • If you are a current customer without a plan, contact your Customer Success Manager.

Set up Source in Kleene app

Now you should have everything you need to set up the source in the Kleene app.

  • Source name Choose any name you wish
  • Region There are 3 supported regions:
    • R1
    • R2
    • R3
  • TalkDesk Domain The TalkDesk environment that you would like to extract data from.
  • Oauth Client ID In the overview section of your app, you should see your “Application (client) ID”
  • Oauth Client Secret This is your client secret value


Your client secret is finite and will expire after configured lifespan is exceeded.


BackfillThe following reports allow data extraction from all history (Calls, User Status, Feedback). The following reports allow data extraction within the last 13 months (Studio Flow, Contacts, Ring Attempts, Outbound Dialler, Quality Management Evaluation)
IncrementalCurrently Supported on 5/8 reports this may change to 8/8 in the future.
Custom backfill31 day time range limitation.
API reliability🟢Reliable

Reports detail

⬇️ Report🔑 Incremental key🔑 Primary key📄 Link to API endpoint
CallsSTART_ATIDCalls Report
User statusSTATUS_START_ATIDUser Status Report
Studio FlowTIMESTAMP_IDStudio Flow Execution Report
ContactsSTARTED_ATIDContacts Report
Ring AttemptsRING_STARTED_AT_TIMEIDRing Attempts Report
Outbound Dialler CallsIDOutbound Dialer Calls Report
Quality Management EvaluationIDQuality Management Evaluation Analysis Report
FeedbackIDFeedback Report


  • Requests can only be made in blocks of 31 days.