Basic API (Build Your Own)

Version 0.0.1


To build your own connector with Kleene you will need knowledge of APIs, specifically the API you are looking to connect to.

You should have made successful requests to the endpoints you are looking to connect to with a tool like Postman.

Source Set up

To set up the initial source you will need to select your Authorisation Type, then add your credentials. Supported Authorisation Types are:

  • Basic Auth
  • API Key
  • Bearer Token

Extract Set up

To set up the extract you will need the request URI, and to define the path to extract data.

Request URL - Add here your full request URI with query parameters.

Path to extract data - Add the key where your desired extract data is located. For the following example API response, you would add Records to this field.

    "@page": "1",
    "@numpages": "1",
    "@pagesize": "100",
    "@total": "2",
    "@start": "0",
    "@end": "1",
    "Records": [
            "Name": "Name 1",
            "Id": "34325423",
            "Name": "Name 2",
            "Id": "43243245",


Our Build Your Own connector is in beta, therefore it is only currently designed to pull back data from simple endpoints only.

What is supported

  • REST JSON endpoints
  • Unlimited query params by adding to the URI

What is not supported

  • Endpoints that require pagination.
  • Reports which required you to hit 2 endpoints.
  • Custom headers
  • Data formats other than JSON
  • Incremental

The following headers are added by default:

-H "Accept: application/json" -H "Content-Type: application/json"

For any further questions or to give general feedback, please contact [email protected].