Google Analytics (GA4)

Version 0.0.4


Check out the Google Analytics (GA4) docs here for more information.

Set up

To get set up with the Google Analytics connector you will need your google username and password, which has access to your Google Analytics account. You will also need your property ID.

In the property input field you need to enter the ID number and not the name of the property


The Kleene google analytics connector replicates the functionality of the query explorer within the Google dev tools.

Before setting up the extracts with Kleene, it is suggested for you to first log in to the query explorer page, to test the queries that you are looking to pull.

  1. Head to query explorer.
  2. Log in.
  3. Select Account.
  4. Select Property.
  5. Select your date range (it is suggested to use today for end date and XdaysAgo for your start date - make sure to change X to how many days you want to go back.).
  6. Choose the metrics and dimensions that you want to pull. Please note - Not all metrics are compatible with all dimensions, and vice versa.


Dimensions Limit

You are not able to include more than 9 dimensions in a single extract.

Don't worry about, order by, filters, aggregations or the limit.

Once you have validated that your query works, you will be able to replicate this within the Kleene app. There are 2 reports in the Kleene app; Custom report and Custom report with custom metrics & dimensions.

The "Custom report" allows you to select metrics and dimensions via a drop-down select, if the metrics and dimensions you are looking for are not available via the options then you can use the "Custom report with custom metrics & dimensions" report. With this report you will have to specify the metrics and dimensions, separated by a comma (no spaces).


Rate Limits

GA4 rate limits are based on the number of tokens used by per request not simply the number of requests, the number of tokens will increase when trying to extract more dimensions and metrics or by extracting older data. Therefore it is recommended if you want to backfill a large amount of data to not attempt to do this in a single extraction.