Data Warehouse and Filestore

When first logging into your Kleene app instance, you will be defaulted to the OVERVIEW page on the connections screen. On the right-hand side of this screen, there will be a section regarding the warehouse and filestore in use. Here, you can setup the warehouse-filestore combination that will be in use, by clicking on the appropriately labelled boxes. Full documentation on how to do this for the different warehouse-filestore configurations can be found here.


The image above shows what a Snowflake-Amazon S3 configuration would look like. An unsuccessful configuration will result in an error message stating Broken configuration in the warehouse box like so:


The common cause for this message to appear would be incorrect credentials being used, or if the warehouse is suspended due to billing issues.

On the left-hand side of this OVERVIEW page, you can see a small menu linking to the other pages CONNECT NEW SOURCE and YOUR SOURCES AND EXTRACTS.

What’s Next