To find out more about the iHasco API check out the API documentation here.

Set up

To set up the iHasco connector in your app you will need to enable the API then obtain a token.

To enable the API:

  1. Log in to iHasco
  2. Click Settings
  3. In the API Access Card, ensure the checkbox is selected
  4. Click Save

To generate your token:

  1. Click the Add New Token button
  2. Give your token an appropriate description
  3. Click Add New Token to save.
  4. Your token will now be displayed, it will only be displayed once so save it securely.

More information about enabling the API can be found here


Backfill🟒All time.
Incremental❌Incremental is not supported.
API reliability🟒Reliable

Reports detail

⬇️ ReportπŸ”‘ Incremental keyπŸ”‘ Primary keyπŸ“„ Link to API endpoint
CodesN/AIDGet Codes
UsersN/AIDGet Users
CoursesN/AIDGet Courses
ResultsN/AIDGet Results