Azure Blob Storage


To learn more about Azure Blob Storage read the documentation here

Set up


To get set up with the Azure Blog Storage connector, you will need the following:

  • Connection URL
  • SAS Token

To find the URL of the blob is by using the Azure portal by going to Home > Storage Account > Container > Blob > Properties.

The SAS Token can be found under the Shared Access Signature tab. More information about SAS tokens can be found here


For each extract, the following information is required:

  • Container Name
  • Load type
    • Load a single file.
    • Load all files inside an entity.
  • Entity name
  • File name
    • Needs to be known when the Load a single file option is selected.



When the load method is set to append if there are files that have been updated since the last load the whole file will be appended.


  • When loading all files from inside a entity, the data structure of each file must be identical.