Version 0.0.7


Check out the docs Hubspot API ( for more information

Set up

Accessing the Hubspot APIs

  • In order to access the Hubspot API's you will first need to create a Private App within your Hubspot account.

To create a private app follow the below steps:

  • In your HubSpot account, click the settings icon in the main navigation bar.
  • In the left sidebar menu, navigate to Integrations > Private Apps.
  • Click Create private app.
  • On the Basic Info tab, configure the details of your app:
  • Enter your app's name.
  • Hover over the placeholder logo and click the upload icon to upload a square image that will serve as the logo for your app.
  • Enter a description for your app.
  • Click the Scopes tab.
  • Select the Read or Write checkbox for each scope you want your private app to be able to access. You can also search for a specific scope using the Find a scope search bar.

Below are the scopes you will definitely need to make requests to the available Kleene extracts:

  • Business-Intelligence
  • Integration-sync
  • Content
  • Social
  • (requires Enterprise level access)

After you're done configuring your app, click Create app in the top right.
Once the Private app has been set-up you will be able to see the API access token upon request. You will use this token to set-up the source in the Kleene app.

Set up Source in the Kleene app

Now you should have everything you need to set up the source in the Kleene app.

  • Source name
    Choose any name you wish

  • Description
    Give the source a meaningful description.

  • Hubspot API Key
    This is the API key associated with the private app created for the Kleene integration.


API reliability🟢Reliable

Reports detail

⬇️ Report🔑 Incremental key🔑 Primary key📄 Link to API endpoint
DealsIDDeals Report
Deal Associations (without engagements)IDDeals Report
Deal Associations (engagements only)DEAL_IDAssociations
OwnersIDOwners Report
PipelinesIDPipelines Report
PropertiesIDProperties Report
CallsIDCalls Report
Line ItemsIDLine Items Report
MeetingsIDMeetings Report
TasksIDTasks Report
NotesIDNotes Report
ContactsIDContacts Report
Contact AssociationsIDContact Associations Report
CompaniesIDCompanies Report
Company AssociationsIDCompany Associations Report
TicketsIDTickets Report
Ticket AssociationsIDTicket Associations Report
Email CampaignsIDEmail Campaigns Report
Marketing EmailsIDMarketing Emails Report
Marketing EventsIDMarketing Events Report
Custom Objects FullIDCRM Custom Objects
Custom Objects AssociationsIDCRM Custom Objects
Custom Objects PropertiesIDCRM Custom Objects

From the Custom Objects Endpoint response, the fields ‘properties’ and ‘associations’ give a lot of data.
As a result, the response to be split into 3 separate reports: “Custom Objects Full“, “Custom Objects Associations“, “Custom Objects Properties“. The first has the original response and the latter 2 have the mentioned fields unwinded to give a better representation of the data.