Navision Business Central Extension


Set up

To set up the Navision connector in your app you will need your Company Name, Environment, Tenant ID, Client ID and Client Secret.


BackfillAll time for all Fill Report, custom for Incremental Report.
IncrementalOnly for Incremental Report.
API reliability🟢Reliable


Incremental Limitations

  • Incremental field must match the name of the field in Navision exactly, it is case sensitive.
  • Incremental field must be a timestamp.

Extract Set up

To run the Navision extracts you will need to specify the name of the report that you have created in Navision. You can then run this report either incrementally or a full load.

If you want to run the report incrementally you will have to specify the incremental field, this must be the exact same as the incremental field. For example if in Navision the field is Last_Modified_DateTime but in the warehouse it is Last_Modified_Date_Time please input Last_Modified_DateTime as the incremental field.

⬇️ Report🔑 Incremental key🔑 Primary key📄 Link to API endpoint
Incremental ReportN/AN/AN/A
Full ReportN/AN/AN/A