Version 0.0.2


Checkout the API docs here for more information.

Set up

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Backfill✅A full backfill of data is available on all reports
Incremental✅Incremental is only available on the Courses, Course Enrolments, Learning Plans and Users reports
API reliability🟢Reliable

Reports detail

⬇️ Report🔑 Incremental key🔑 Primary key📄 Link to API endpoint
CatalogN/ACATALOGUE_IDRetrieves all catalogues
CategoriesN/AIDRetrieves all categories
ClassroomsN/AID_CLASSROOMGets the list of classrooms
CoursesDATE_LAST_UPDATEDID_COURSEReturns all courses
Course EnrolmentsENROLLMENT_DATE_LAST_UPDATEDCOURSE_ID and USER_IDRetrieves courses enrollments
External TrainingN/ATRAINING_IDReturns list of External training
Ilt SessionsN/ASESSION_IDGet full session info
InstructorsN/AIDSTGet all instructors
Learning PlansDATE_LAST_UPDATEDIDReturns list of Learning Plans
UsersLAST_UPDATEUSER_IDReturns list of Users