To find out more about the Gorgias API check their docs out here.

Set up

To set up the Gorgias connector in your app you will need your Domain Name, Username and API Key.

In order to generate your API Key: Log in to your Gorgias account, Navigate to Settings β†’ REST API, Click the Create API key button.

If your Gorgias domain is https:/my-company.gorgias.com your domain name is my-company.

Your username is the username you use to login to your Gorgias account from https://my-company.gorgias.com/login


Backfillβœ…All time for all reports except events, where custom backfill is available.
Incrementalβœ…Only for Events.
API reliability🟒Reliable

Reports detail

⬇️ ReportπŸ”‘ Incremental keyπŸ”‘ Primary keyπŸ“„ Link to API endpoint
CustomersN/AIDGet Customers
Eventscreated_datetimeIDGet Events
IntegrationsN/AIDGet Integrations
JobsN/AIDGet Jobs
MacrosN/AIDGet Macros
RulesN/AIDGet Rules
Satisfaction SurveysN/AIDGet Satisfaction Surveys
UsersN/AIDGet Users
TeamsN/AIDGet Teams
TagsN/AIDGet Tags
TicketsN/AIDGet Tickets
Ticket MessagesN/AIDGet Ticket Messages
ViewsN/AIDGet Views
WidgetsN/AIDGet Widgets