SFTP Exporter

Version 0.0.0

Set up

To get set up with the SFTP Exporter connector you have to provide the below details on the Source page of the connector:

  • username
  • Host IP
  • Private key file

The Private key file must be of the type .ppk or .pem.

On the Extract page of the connector you need to provide:

  • Output directory
  • Table from the DW that you want to be exported

If you want to test connecting to your SFTP server we recommend using FileZilla. A connection to the SFTP server can be made from FileZilla using File -> Site Manager -> New Site. The credentials used to successfully connect using FileZilla can be used to set up the connector.



Reports detail

⬇️ Report📄 Notes
CSVExports the data from the selected Table from the Warehouse to your SFTP server as CSV



Correctly setting the folder path to the SFTP server

When setting up the report page the Output directory field is required, if you want to leave it in the root home folder leave the default . (dot) otherwise use <folder-name>/<nested-folder>