Version 0.0.4


Checkout theΒ Youtube Reporting API and Youtube Data API docs for more information

Set up

To set up the Youtube connector, all you need is your Google username and password.


Backfillβœ…For basic reports we will retrieve all data

For report job reports we do a backfill of 30 days
User activity (channel_basic_a2);
Estimated video revenue (content_owner_estimated_revenue_a1);
Estimated asset revenue (content_owner_asset_estimated_revenue_a1)
Incrementalβœ…User activity (channel_basic_a2);
Estimated video revenue (content_owner_estimated_revenue_a1);
Estimated asset revenue (content_owner_asset_estimated_revenue_a1)
Custom backfill❌
API reliability🟒Reliable


Historical data for the reports with Backfill option

When you schedule a new reporting job (via Kleene's "Create a new report job"), YouTube will generate reports from that day forward and also reports covering the 30-day period prior to the time that you created the job. Each new report takes 48h to be generated.

Historical data generated from the API is available for 30 days from the time they are generated. We use the data provided from the API for ingesting, so after it is no longer available, it will not be possible to retrieve again.

Reports detail

⬇️ ReportπŸ”‘ Incremental keyπŸ”‘ Primary keyπŸ“„ Link to API endpoint
User activity (channel_basic_a2)create_timeN/AUser activity
Estimated video revenue (content_owner_estimated_revenue_a1)create_timeN/AEstimated video revenue
Estimated asset revenue (content_owner_asset_estimated_revenue_a1)create_timeN/AEstimated asset revenue
Channels (basic report)NoneidChannels
Playlists (basic report)NoneidPlaylists
Videos (basic report)NoneidVideos



The basic reports can give you some basic data on channels, playlists and videos. The data can be directly ingested.

For the non-basic reports the flow is a bit different:

  • You need to first create a report job (via the "Create new report job" on the Kleene app), so that the Youtube Reporting API starts generating its daily reports, which we then use for ingesting the data.
  • You can then start retrieving the report 48 hours after time that the job is created (e.g. via "Get report User activity (channel_basic_a2)" or any other report type you are interested in).


Report jobs

A report job identifies a specific report that YouTube generates each day for a particular channel or content owner. You can check what report jobs you have scheduled by using the "List of report jobs" report.

When you use "Create new report job" on Kleene a new report job is created by the Youtube API. If you select the Append option and select a table that has previously received all your report jobs (e.g. via the "List of report jobs" report), the newly created report job will be appended to that list.


You cannot create multiple report jobs of the same type via the same authenticated user (the one that logged in for the Source). E.g. the Youtube API will not allow you to have more than one User activity (channel_basic_a2) scheduled reports.

If for some reason you need to delete a report job after its creation, please reach out to us. We will need your credentials and the reportJobId of the job you need deleted.