File Ingest

The File Ingest procedure within the Kleene app allows you to insert data from a CSV file into a new or existing upload table in the data warehouse, so that it can be incorporated into the Kleene app’s transforms.

Note that File Ingest inserts rows into an existing table; it does not delete anything from any tables. If you want to overwrite the existing contents of a File Ingest table, you’ll need to delete the contents of the table in the data warehouse first before inserting your new rows.

While the File Ingest process is the same for any upload, the suggested steps around it
will vary depending on what type of upload it is - specifically:

  • Will you be creating a new upload table from scratch, or do you want to add the
    ingested file to an existing upload table?
  • If adding to an existing table: do you want to delete that table’s current table
    contents, or leave the current table contents as they are?