Amazon Advertising

Version 0.0.11


Checkout the API docs here for more information

Set up

If you already have an approved LwA application with assigned API access then skip to step 2 (Getting Started).

1. Onboarding

Follow the steps outlined in the guide here.

Save your Client ID and Client Secret securely.

2. Getting Started

To generate the necessary credentials to set up this source, please follow the instructions here and stop once you have added a return URL.

For your return URL, please set this to

Once this step is done, please contact Kleene at [email protected] to finish the setup.

After these 2 steps, you will need to have the following saved securely:

  • Client ID
  • Client Secret
  • Region (North Am, Europe, Far East)


Backfill✅Non-report endpoints retrieve data from the most recent report-date. Report endpoints return data from all dates within the period specified in the 'Number of Days' field
Custom backfill❌
API reliability🟢Reliable

Reports detail

⬇️ ReportCampaign Types🔑 Primary key
CampaignsSponsored Brands, Sponsored Display, Sponsored Productscampaignid
Ad GroupsSponsored Display, Sponsored Products (Extended)adgroupid
KeywordsSponsored Brands, Sponsored Products (Extended)keywordid
Negative KeywordsSponsored Products (Extended)campaignid
Product AdsSponsored Products (Extended)adid
Campaigns ReportSponsored Brands, Sponsored Display, Sponsored Productscampaignid, reportdate
Ad Groups ReportSponsored Brands, Sponsored Display, Sponsored Productsadgroupid, reportdate
Keywords ReportSponsored Brands, Sponsored Display, Sponsored Productskeywordid , reportdate
Targets ReportSponsored Brands, Sponsored Display, Sponsored Productstargetid, reportdate
Product Ads ReportSponsored Display, Sponsored Productsadid, reportdate
Asins ReportSponsored Display, Sponsored Productsasin, reportdate