To find out more about the Pinterest API check their docs out: Pinterest API Docs Pinterest API Reference

Set up

To set up the Pinterest connector, all you need is your Pinterest username and password.


Backfillβœ…On 'Analytics' and 'Targeting Analytics' reports. Periods between 90 to 15 days
Incrementalβœ…On 'Analytics' and 'Targeting Analytics' reports.
API reliability🟒Reliable

Reports detail

⬇️ ReportπŸ”‘ Incremental keyπŸ”‘ Primary keyπŸ“„ Link to API endpoint
BoardsN/AidList Boards
PinsN/AidList Pins
FollowersN/AusernameList Followers
User InterestsN/Aid,nameList User's Following Interest
CampaignsN/Aid,nameList Campaigns
Ad GroupsN/Aid,nameList Ad Groups
AdsN/Aid,nameList Ads
Pin Analyticsdatepin_id,dateGet Pin Analytics
User Account Analyticsdateuser_id,dateGet User Account Analytics
Campaign Analyticsdatecampaign_idGet Campaign Analytics
Ad Group Analyticsdatead_group_idGet Ad Group Analytics
Ad Analyticsdatead_idGet Ad Analytics
Campaign Targeting Analyticsdatecampaign_id,targeting_valueGet Campaign Targeting Analytics
Ad Group Targeting Analyticsdatead_group_id,targeting_valueGet Ad Group Targeting Analytics
Ad Targeting Analyticsdatead_id,targeting_valueGet Ad Targeting Analytics
Ad Analytics (daily)datead_id, dateGet Ad Analytics

Analytics Reports: These provide general data that is useful for understanding overall performance and identifying trends over time.

Targeting Analytics Reports: These provide more detailed information about performance, broken down by specific targeting parameters. For example, it can provide metrics such as total impressions for a specific age group or location. This data is useful for understanding the performance in relation to the targeting strategy, and for making more informed future decisions.

Note on how currency displayed:

The response fields/keys will be titled in dollars, however the value given is in accordance with the advertisers account currency. This is explained further here here at the bottom of the 'columns' field. Quote from the link:

”NOTE: Any metrics defined as MICRO_DOLLARS returns a value based on the advertiser profile's currency field.[...]
For example, if the advertiser's currency is GBP (British pound sterling), all MICRO_DOLLARS fields will be in GBP microunits (1/1,000,000 British pound).”


Metric inaccuracy

These metrics are provided for informational purposes only and determined based on what Pinterest Inc. believes to be reasonable estimates for the applicable period of measurement. Please note that there are inherent challenges in measuring user activity and changes in our products may impact the ability to accurately provide these metrics.


Ad Analytics (daily)

Report created duplicated on incremental runs and will need deduplication.

On the day the report is run it will fetch data up until yesterday's date.