Version 0.0.1


Check out the Brightpearl API docs for more information.

Set up

  1. Before setting up a Brightpearl connector, please forward us your account code (e.g. mycompany), as we will need to add it to our Brightpearl application, for access to be granted.
  2. Once we have added your account code to our app, you can go to the App Store in Brightpearl and you can make sure the kleene-connector app is installed

To then set up the Brightpearl connector Source in Kleene, you will need

  • your sign in credentials for Brightpearl (email & password)
  • the data centre you are on (e.g. euw1)
  • your account code (e.g. mycompany)

It is important to fill in the data centre and account code before clicking "Sign in with Brightpearl" on the Source setup page in Kleene.

In case you are unsure of the values, please reach out to your Brightpearl representative for assistance.


Backfillβœ…All time
Incrementalβœ…Supported on: Contact; Order; Sales order; Brightpearl Category; Product
API reliability🟠Some unexpected behaviour between endpoints for same entities (e.g. instance of null value for updatedOn in SEARCH endpoint, but existing updatedOn value on GET endpoint for the same Contact); API has also shown delays in updating customFields for orders (or potentially failure to change the updatedOn fields for Orders when customFields are amended)

Reports detail

⬇️ ReportπŸ”‘ Incremental keyπŸ”‘ Primary keyπŸ“„ Link to API endpoint
Payment MethodN/AIDPayment Method
Postal Address (Billing address)N/AADDRESS_IDPostal Address
Postal Address (Default Address)N/AADDRESS_IDPostal Address
Postal Address (Delivery Address)N/AADDRESS_IDPostal Address
Custom FieldUPDATED_ONN/ACustom Field
Order Shipping StatusN/AIDOrder Shipping Status
Order NoteUPDATED_ONN/AOrder Note
Order StatusN/ASTATUS_IDOrder Status
Sales OrderUPDATED_ONIDSales Order
Brightpearl CategoryUPDATED_ONIDBrightpearl Category
Price ListN/AIDPrice List
Product Custom FieldUPDATED_ONN/AProduct Custom Field
Product PriceN/AN/AProduct Price
Product TypeN/AIDProduct Type
Goods-In NoteN/AGOODS_NOTE_IDGoods-In Note
Goods-Out NoteN/AGOODS_NOTE_IDGoods-Out Note
Product AvailabilityN/APRODUCT_IDProduct Availability
Shipping MethodN/AIDShipping Method
Stock CorrectionN/AWAREHOUSE_ID,GOODS_NOTE_IDStock Correction
Order With Custom FieldUPDATED_ONIDOrder
Product With Custom FieldUPDATED_ONIDProduct



Failure for reports with no data

The connector can fail for extract runs where no data is returned (showing a similar log):

You can identify these expected failures by the mentioning of no results in the log message



The connector is expected to create duplicates for incremental runs on the reports that support incremental. You will need to de-duplicate in a Transform layer.


API issues with changes to updatedOn field for Orders when CustomFields are amended (leading to missing data on incremental runs for Custom Field and Orders With Custom Field reports

In certain cases, the API seems to experience either a failure to update the updatedOnfield for Orders when there is a change to the order's customFields or a delay to reflect all changes to the customFields themselves.

This means incremental runs for Custom Field reports and Orders With Custom Field reports can experience missing data for some changes to custom fields. We encourage you to use full loads on those reports. If and when we receive notice of this behaviour being fixed, incremental loads can be again used.