Version 0.0.4

Set up

To get set up with the SFTP connector, you have to enter the username and Host IP used to access the server. You must also include any of the other authentication fields required to access the files within the server. These are:

  • Password
  • Passphrase
  • Private key file
  • Public key file

The Private key file and Public key files if populated must be of the type .ppk or .pem.

If you want to test connecting to your SFTP server we recommend using FileZilla. A connection to the SFTP server can be made from FileZilla using File -> Site Manager -> New Site. The credentials used to successfully connect using FileZilla can be used to set up the connector.


Backfill🟒All data in any file can be ingested
Incremental🟒Supported on both files and directory using the field RAW_FILE_LAST_MODIFIED

Reports detail


File Path/Directory

Must start and end with a / e.g. /C:/SFTPDirectory/


Files In Directory

If you are running the files in directory report you need to include the pattern that you want the files to have along with a *. For example if the pattern is payments*all files that start with payments in the directory will be ingested.

⬇️ ReportπŸ“„ Notes
FileReturns all the data in a single file
DirectoryReturns all data within a single directory
Files in DirectoryReturns all data in files within a directory where files match the given pattern.


File Header Source

Choosing the option File assumes that the entries within the first row of data are the column headers. If this is not the case then please choose the option User specified and enter the headers in a comma separated list without spaces.


Ignore Last Line

If the final row of the file(s) contains a summary of column information then you should tick the textbox to exclude this row from the data.


Changing Filename or File Path

If a file is renamed or moved to a different folder the extract must be updated to match the filename and file path, otherwise the extract will fail.