Best Practices for Managing Service Accounts

Your use of service accounts should comply with your internal company guidelines for securing your data. Some best practice recommendations follow. Please apply these where appropriate to your organisational context.

Use Strong, Unique Credentials:

Generate strong, unique passwords or use keys/certificates for authentication.

Limit Privileges:

Apply the principle of least privilege, granting only the necessary permissions to each service account.

Use Secrets Management Tools:

Store credentials securely using tools like HashiCorp Vault, AWS Secrets Manager, or Azure Key Vault.

Rotate Credentials Regularly:

Implement automated credential rotation to minimize the risk of compromise.

Monitor and Audit Activity:

Enable logging and monitoring of service account activities to detect any unauthorized access or unusual behavior.

Implement Network and IP Restrictions:

Restrict the network locations from which service accounts can authenticate and operate.

By following these practices, service accounts can be effectively and securely used in reporting platforms and for integrating with Kleene, ensuring seamless and secure data operations.