Google Sheets

Version 0.0.1

Set up


To get set up with the Google Sheets connector, you will only need your Google login.


You will need your spreadsheet ID and to supply a range of data that you want to ingest. You can get the spreadsheet ID from the URL of the spreadsheet you are looking to ingest. See the example below:<spreadsheet_id>/edit#gid=0


Spreadsheet ID - 1VNdo9JyNFj5Bdg4v5AlutIEzzW3_0OYShRjhktFOvdQ

By default we will ingest the data from the entire sheet, however, you can limit your range using the range text field.

How to select data from a different sheet within the spreadsheet - To do this you will need to pass the sheet name before the range and followed by an !.

Here is an example.

Data from Sheet1 and range A:D - Sheet1!A:D

Data from My new sheet and range A4:D16 - My new sheet!A4:D16


  • If any of your column headers surpasses the maximum character threshold for column headers in your warehouse the column headers will be truncated. This threshold is 255 and 157 for Snowflake and Redshift respectively.
  • Duplicate column names should also be avoided as these are not effectively handled by SQL queries in the warehouse. If there are duplicate columns in the source table, it is recommended to update them e.g. 'columnName' and 'columnName' (add an '' at the end).
  • The order of columns from the Google Sheet is not persisted in the warehouse.