Share data

A simple way to share and download large data sets


Share data enables you to create, share and download very large data sets from the Kleene app, so that you or your stakeholders can perform offline analysis in Excel or Google Sheets for example.

Creating a Data View

A Data view is simply a saved SQL statement that you can execute to generate a downloadable data set. You create them from the SQL Console by clicking the Create data view button.


Enter an appropriate name and click Save



Navigate to the Data Views page in the app and you'll see the new Data View.

Working with Data Views

  • The navigation menu contains three lists
    All which are all the Data Views created in the Kleene instance
    Shared with me which are Data Views that have been created by someone and specifically shared with you (useful for stakeholders who don't usually use Kleene) and finally
    Created by me which filters the list down to what you personally created.
  • Click PREVIEW to show the query output in the app (limited to 20,00 rows)
  • Click SHOW SQL to edit the SQL in the Data View (query) and SAVE it
  • Click SAVE AS to create a copy of the Data View with a new name
  • Click SHARE to make a Data View appear in the Shared with me menu of one or more Kleene users


  • Click DOWNLOAD and choose CSV or XLSX to download the data onto your machine in either format
    XLSX is limited to around 1 million rows
    Warning Large files, of multiple gigabytes, can take minutes to hours to download, depending on the connection speed, column count and other contents


  • Click the ellipsis button (three dots) and Delete data view to completely remove the Data View from the system. This is permanent.