• Supports versions 2.6.x -> 4.0.x of MongoDb

Set up


You will need to whitelist the following IPs:



URL Access Type

Your connection URL should be formatted like this:

For further guidance on generating this URL follow these instructions

Manual Access Type

The following credentials are required to get set up with our MongoDB connector.

  • Hostname - The default value is 'localhost'. It can be found by executing the following command in an IDE connected to the Mongo DB: getHostName() in an IDE connected to your Mongo DB
  • Port - By default the value is 27017. It can be found on the MongoDB configuration file usually located at /etc/mongod.conf`
  • Database User - This can be checked by executing the following command in the MongoDB shell db.runCommand({connectionStatus: 1}) your username will be present in the 'authenticated users' array
  • Database Password - If you do not know the relevant Database Password it can be changed by following these steps.

You will also need to enter the database name that you would like to connect to.

Bastion Tunneling (optional)

If you would like to connect via a bastion, you will need to tick the "Requires tunneling" checkbox and enter your Bastion Host credentials.

To see how to set up your bastion tunnelling credentials, check out our documentation here.

Running Extracts

When running an extract you will be asked to select a schema, then a table to extract.

You will also have the option to select the fields you wish to pull back.