Version 0.0.1


Check out the Pinpoint API docs here for more information.

Set up

You will just need a Pinpoint API Key to set up a connection. The information on how to generate one can be found here

Please ensure the integration you have created in Pinpoint (where you create API Keys) is enabled (you need to reach out to a Pinpoint representative for this step).


Incrementalβœ…Not supported on Custom Fields and any "Included Resources" reports
API reliability🟒Reliable API

Reports detail

⬇️ ReportπŸ”‘ Incremental keyπŸ”‘ Primary keyπŸ“„ Link to API endpoint
Applicationsupdated_atIDList applications
Applications (Included Resources)N/AID, TYPEList applications
Custom fieldsupdated_atIDList custom fields
Departmentsupdated_atIDList departments
Divisionsupdated_atIDList divisions
Interviewsupdated_atIDList interviews
Interviews (Included Resources)N/AID, TYPEList interviews
Jobsupdated_atIDList jobs
Jobs (Included Resources)N/AID, TYPEList jobs
Job Seekersupdated_atIDList job seekers
Job Seekers (Included Resources)N/AID, TYPEList job seekers
Locationsupdated_atIDList locations
Onboarding Applicationsupdated_atIDList onboarding applications
Onboarding Applications (Included Resources)N/AID, TYPEList onboarding applications
Requisition templatesupdated_atIDList requisition templates
Requisition templates (Included Resources)N/AID, TYPEList requisition templates
Requisitionsupdated_atIDList requisitions
Requisitions (Included Resources)N/AID, TYPEList requisitions


"Included resources" reports

Some reports return resources related to the primary data for a report (e.g. an extract on "Applications (Included Resources)" will return data on related resources for the "Applications" report).

This means you would need to run an "Applications" extract for the applications data and a separate extract of "Applications (Included Resources)" for the related resources (if you need them).