Marketing Spend Optimisation

Why allocating marketing budget is an optimisation problem.

The Optimisation Problem

Marketing strategies are often multifaceted and complex but the underlying problem is simple execute activities that:

  • Maximize the number of acquisitions/transactions
  • Maximize the value of each acquisition/transaction
  • Minimize marketing spend

The KPIs used to asses the overall performance of a marketing team measure the extent to which these are being achieved. Different companies operate with different preferences, for example certain companies may be willing to accept far fewer customers so long as the expected lifetime value is higher. Companies also operate with different constraints e.g. CAC cannot exceed £30 or total spend must be less than £5million/yr. It is the role of the marketing team to find the best solution within the constraints they operate within.


Attribution - How accurate attribution underpins measurement and the different methods of attribution available.

Click-based Attribution - What is click-based attribution and the extent to which it resolves the attribution problem.

Implementing Multi-touch Attribution With Kleene - An explanation of the steps taken to set up multi-touch attribution when partnering with Kleene.

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