For more information please use the API documentation here and here.

Set up

To create a source for the 8x8 connector you will need your Client ID and Client Secret. To obtain these perform the following steps:

  • Open Admin Console from your 8x8 Application Panel (please note your user must have the appropriate permissions to access Admin Console).
  • From the Home section of Admin Console open the Api Keys icon.
  • Click on Create App button. Here you can configure the details of your credentials. You have to fill out the name of the application and select the appropriate API Products: Please select Analytics for Contact Center.
  • After saving your app, it will show up in the list of generated credentials.


Backfillℹ️Historical Metrics Report is restricted to 5 years but supports variable backfill.
Incremental✅Incremental is supported on the the Historical Metrics report.
API reliability🟢Reliable

Reports detail

⬇️ Report🔑 Incremental key🔑 Primary key📄 Link to API endpoint
Historical MetricsEND_TIMEIDHistorical Metrics Use Case
Realtime Metrics Aggregated by QueueN/AIDRealtime Queues
Realtime Metrics Aggregated by AgentN/AIDRealtime Agents
Historical Metrics DetailedTIMEID, KEYHistorical Metrics Detailed


When naming the ingest table note that ingest table names cannot start with a number, for example the extract will fail if the table is named PROD.INGEST.8x8_Realtime_Metrics