Check out the API docs here for more information.

Set up

  • To set up a source you need to enter your API Key, this can be found under your Settings. Head to settings and then Generate API Key.
  • If your workspace is on a subdomain (eg., you'll need to generate a new API key in your Profile Settings that will work just for that workspace.


Backfillβœ…3 Years (Detailed and Weekly Historical Reports). All time on all other reports.
Incrementalβœ…Incremental available by using Last Week Weekly Report.
API reliability🟒Reliable

Reports detail

⬇️ ReportπŸ”‘ Incremental keyπŸ”‘ Primary keyπŸ“„ Link to API endpoint
ClientsN/AIDGet Clients
ProjectsN/AIDGet Projects
TagsN/AIDGet Tags
TasksN/AIDGet Tasks
Time EntriesN/AIDGet Time Entries
UsersN/AIDGet Users
WorkspacesN/AIDGet Workspaces
Detailed ReportN/AIDGet Detailed Report
Historical Weekly ReportN/AIDGet Historical Weekly Report
Last Week Weekly ReportDATE_TOIDGet Last Week Weekly Report


API Limitation

Detailed reports will return an error if you select more than one year and you do not have an enterprise account.