Version 0.0.12


Checkout the API docs here for more information

Set up

Enter your Access Token. To retrieve/create an your API Token please visit the Integrations and API page within settings.


Backfillℹ️All time on all reports
Incremental✅Incremental is support on Opportunities, Offers, Postings and Requistions reports.
API reliability🟢Reliable

Reports detail

⬇️ Report🔑 Incremental key🔑 Primary key📄 Link to API endpoint
Opportunitiesupdated_atIDList all opportunities
Postingsupdated_atIDList all postings
Archive ReasonsN/AIDList all archive reasons
Opportunities FeedbackN/AIDList all feedback
Opportunities ApplicationsN/AIDList all applications
Requisitionscreated_atIDList all requisitions
UsersN/AIDList all users
Offerscreated_atIDList all offers



  • When running the Offers reports on incremental there will be duplicates that need to be handled in the transform layer.