Version 0.0.8


Checkout the ReCharge API docs for more information

Set up

Access to the API will need to be given by a member of the Recharge team. Please reach out to them to enable this for you.

Once this has been enabled for your store, within the ReCharge App, navigate to Integrations in the top navigation bar and click on API tokens on the right-hand corner of the dashboard.

See ReCharge docs for more details.


BackfillAll-time (Products). 2 year (all other reports).
Custom backfill
Incremental🟢Supported on all reports except products.
API reliability🟢Reliable

Reports detail

⬇️ Report🔑 Incremental key🔑 Primary key📄  Link to API endpoint
Customersupdated_atidList customers
Chargesupdated_atidList charges
Subscriptionsupdated_atidList subscriptions
Ordersupdated_atidList orders
ProductsN/AidList products
Events (beta)created_atid


API Limitation

  • Due to API limitation incremental runs will return duplicates.