Set up a Snowflake trial

Why snowflake and how to set it all up

Why Snowflake?

  • Snowflake is cloud-agnostic. Unlike the other big players in this space, Snowflake allows you far greater flexibility for your future data infrastructure, without cloud-vendor lock in. There is a small cost of inter-cloud data transfer but a multi-cloud infrastructure will create issues if your data lake/warehouse becomes part of more productionalised applications. Cross Cloud concerns may not be top of mind for current use cases but a pragmatic consideration of future plans for data architecture may necessitate pause before creating a cross cloud structure. For this reason, having a cloud agnostic data lake/warehouse is advantageous. The rest of your infrastructure decisions are unrestricted by being unbound from a single cloud provider.
  • Lower learning curve for users. Snowflake is recognized for an interface that is simple to use and intuitive. As a fully managed SaaS solution, you can get started very quickly, meaning there’s no need to worry about configuration, software updates, failures or scaling your infrastructure as your datasets and number of users grow.
  • Cost. Snowflake makes costs controls available to administrators. The better controllability of costs allows for expected ROI decisions to be made on a project by project basis. Predictability comes from setting the warehouse size associated with the project and therefore not having concerns about excess usage. As well as better governance over cost, Snowflake now offers a pay as you go model, which is especially attractive for SMB’s moving smaller amounts of data (a contract-term with Snowflake becomes more cost effective once you are moving terabytes & terabytes of data).
  • Separate compute and storage. In separating compute and storage costs, Snowflake allows for different profiles of query to be executed within the same ecosystem or for instant scaling of compute power for the same problem.

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Snowflake Set Up

The 30 day free trial with Snowflake can be set up here - definitely worth waiting until everything else is ready to make the most of the trial period. Please note, after the trial has expired, the connection will be cut until billing details have been input.

For Snowflake, the following details are required for the app:

  • Host name
  • Database Name
  • Warehouse Name
  • Role
  • Database User
  • Database Password