Version 0.0.1


Check out the Dixa API docs for more information

Set up

Accessing the Dixa API

In order to get access to our Dixa API, you have to create an API token.

In order to create a token you must be an administrator and follow these steps:

  1. When logged into Dixa, go to our Settings page. Scroll down to the "Manage" menu and find "Integrations".
  2. Choose "API Tokens" as a card and click on "Configure API tokens".
  3. Choose the action "Add API token".
  4. Give the API token a name that will make it easy to find it in the list and choose "Dixa API" as the API version. Click "Add API token".
  5. Now the token has been generated for you! Copy the token and store it somewhere safe and secure.

Dixa's tutorial guide can be found here

Set up Source in Kleene app

Now you should have everything you need to set up the source in the Kleene app.

  • Source name Choose any name you wish
  • Dixa API Key This is the API key you generated.


Backfillβœ…The Historical reports allow data extraction from the last 12 months.
Incrementalβœ…Currently Supported both Conversations and Messages through the use of the 'Daily' reports
Custom backfill❌
API reliability🟒Reliable

Reports detail

⬇️ ReportπŸ”‘ Incremental keyπŸ”‘ Primary keyπŸ“„ Link to API endpoint
Conversations DailyCREATED_ATIDConversation Export
Conversations HistoricalCREATED_ATIDConversation Export
Messages DailyCREATED_ATIDMessages Export
Messages HistoricalCREATED_ATIDMessages Export


Foreign Key guidance

Messages Exports holds the 'CSID' foreign Key for Conversation Mapping.